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VeroMetal® Marine M300 References

• Result after 1 Saison / Atlantic / Northsea

Mr. Thomas Walli from Innsbruck:

"We have coated your VeroMetal Marine in april 2010 on our Trawler PUFFIN. Up to now we made 1400 Seamiles to Portimao-Portugal and today there is only a thin biofilm on the hull. Now the ship is in the marina until may 2011. Please find attached some photos."



• Coating Yacht Saga

The Yacht Saga was coated by hand with VeroMetal® Marine M300.

Customer Mr. Heinz Wientepper:
"I am sending 2 pictures of my yacht Saga. The hull was sanded, 5 x with VC Tar 2 and 1 x with Verometal M300 painted. I am enthusiastic of the result. The handling of the antifouling is brilliant.
I will recommend your product."


Customer Heinz Wientepper 11/2010:
The yacht was taken out of tthe water at the end of the season. The hull is in a very good condition and has absolutely no hard growth.

• Kieler Yacht Club (

The Kieler Yachtclub has coated two Yachts with VeroMetal® Marine M300. One boat will stay in the water for the whole season. The other boat is a traditional Folke Regatta Yacht.

The coating of the Regatta boat is already successful and made one of the first places during the yearly race Eck-Days in Germany, Eckernförde. The coating reduces friction and leads to higher speeds and with motorboats to energy savings.

Ulf Kipcke of the Kieler yacht club: " The coating let itself process well. It seems to be also fast. Because during the Eck-Days we were equal in points with the first and made the second place."


• 13 months in the waters of California Los Angeles/Oxnard Channel

The boat was rolled per hand with VeroMetal® Marine M300. It was for 13 months continously in the water and during the whole time not cleaned. The River is well known for its very aggressive fouling waters. As you will see in the video there was only a very thin biofilm on the hull, which could easily be removed. There was no hard growth at all. The boat got only a quick pressure wash.

Please click: Video VeroMetal Marine M300

• Coating 15 meter long Yacht. Application Method: rolled.

15 meter boat was coated with VeroMetal® Marine M300.

The owner of the boat performed sea trials and reported he has seen an increase in speed some 2 knots when using the same RPM as prior to the coating. He also quoted “My boat has never been this fast”.

This shows that the smooth surface is increasing speed and will result in less fuel consumption.



Boat: 15 meter Yacht
Application method: rolled
Time: 10 hours, 1 person
Surface: ca. 67 m²
Material: ca. 29 kg VeroMetal® Marine M300

• Coating 11 meter long boat. Application Method: sprayed.

After coating a 11 meter long boat we asked the applicator about his experience with VeroMetal® Marine M300:

VeroMetal: When you coated the boat did you have any problems such as sagging etc.?

Peter: No problems.

VeroMetal: Did you feel there was adequate material thickness?

Peter: Plenty, we used +/- 11 kg for a 11 mtr long boat. We covered a surface of ca 23 m².

VeroMetal: How long did it take you to complete the spraying?

Peter: Just the spraying 45 min.

VeroMetal: How did the owner like what you did

Peter: He loved it.

• Rotterdam Motorboat coated completely. Application Method: rolled.

Boat in Rotterdam was coated completely wirth VeroMetal® Marine M300.
Documentation period is now 2 years.

Boat after coating:

Boat after 1 year:

Boat after 1 year:

Boat after 2 years:

Boat after 2 years:
Antifouling coating can be easily cleaned with a rough sponge.


Coating Kayak:

20 months ago 1 of 2 Kayaks was coated with VeroMetal® Marine M300 for testing purpose. The Kayaks stayed all the time in the water. Although in the very aggressive fouling waters of Southern California Oxnard’s Channel Island Harbor to date there was zero hard growth attachment and the coating looks as good today as it has been launched.

Please see below the amazing photos after 20 monts in water:



Test India

To verify the efficacy of VeroMetal® Marine M300, we chose Tuticorin Bay at the southern tip of India as a test site. The Poseidon marine test centre has an excellent reputation, and the warm tropical waters around the bay are acknowledged as being among the most foul in the world.

These two coated panels were immersed for 36 weeks in the barnacle and mussel infested waters.

As can easily be observed, the
VeroMetal® Marine M300 coating is in fine condition and not a single organism has adhered to the panels.