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VeroMetal® Marine M300

VeroMetal® Marine M300 Antifouling Coating is a high solids antifouling and is based on 99% pure copper particles in proprietary hybrid polyester binder (not leaching cuprous oxide technology).

VeroMetal® Marine M300 is for use on hulls constructed of composite materials such as GRP (Gel coat). For use on metallic hulls or structures you need appropriate and approved primers.

VeroMetal® Marine M300 is a long lasting coating.

It is not comparable to other copper based antifoulings because it is very easy to applicate and will last for many years. One single layer of VeroMetal® Marine M300 is enough. The vessel requires an abrasion at approximately one year if the vessel has been still for most of the time. A diver using standard slime removal process (plastic scrubber) would be able to remove anything on the bottom and at the same time bring the coating back to new condition so the cycle begins again. Or if necessary you can take the boat out and clean the hull with a standard high pressure water pistol and other tools.

VeroMetal® Marine M300 is durable, will not crack, chip or peel and is suitable for use as an antifouling coating.

VeroMetal® Marine M300 coating can be sprayed or rolled up. Due to the very high tensile strength of the applied coating, the material has a very long life time and surpasses the life span of traditional ablative (self polishing) products.
With VeroMetal® Marine M300 it is possible to coat an inexpensively thin layer of copper, which gives the properties of solid copper.

There is no limitation in terms of minimum or maximum speed. VeroMetal® Marine M300 has excellent adhesion properties and will not delaminate.

Attempts to built hulls of solid copper or to plate them were already carried out in the past. The results were excellent, but it failed repeatedly because of the relatively high cost. With VeroMetal® it is now possible to coat an inexpensively thin layer of copper, which gives the properties of solid copper.

High solids copper antifouling based on 99%+ pure copper

For GRP hulls and with appropriate primer also metallic hulls

Only 1 Coating necessary.

Easy and quick application - spray or roller.

Very long lifespan. Simple periodic cleaning with high pressure washer / plastic rubber / other tools

Most cost effective - only a single application is necessary.

Environmental friendly non eroding technology.

Quick and easy application of
VeroMetal® Marine M300:


Perfect long-lasting protection against Antifouling: