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1. Is it paint?
No, it is not metal paint. VeroMetal® Marine M300 Antifouling Coating is a high solids antifouling and is based on 99% pure copper particles in proprietary hybrid polyester binder (not leaching cuprous oxide technology).

2. For which boats is it suitable?
As an antifouling coating for use on hulls constructed of composite materials such as GRP (Gel coat) it is not recommended for use on metallic hulls or structures without appropriate and approved primers. As an antifouling for bottom of vessels operating slow to very high speed.

3. How long does it last?
VeroMetal® Marine M300 will last for up to 10 years. Maximum time to re-launch depends on the atmospheric conditions (UV radiation, temperature, degree of atmospheric pollution, etc.).

4. How can I apply VeroMetal® Marine M300?
You can apply it with standard HVLP spray equipment (with water and oil containment traps) or solvent resistant foam roller.

Please click and watch an application video

5. What are the costs?
VeroMetal® Marine M300 is very cost effective. Once applied it will last many years. You dont have to recoat your boat every year. So you are saving costs for a new coating as well as for the maintenance.

Depending on the conditions you have to clean the hull with a plastic rubber or if necessary you can take the boat out and clean the hull with a standard high pressure water pistol and other tools.

6. Is there a thickness limitation?
No, it can be applied as thick as you desire. One coating of 100-150µ will be sufficient but if desired you can coat additional layers.

7. What is the coverage of each VeroMetal® Marine M300 kit?
Each kit covers 5 square meter, depending on the skill of the spray/roller operator. Also the surface has off course an influence.